Why Copywriting Should Not Be Cheap Nor Rushed

Inspiration sometimes doesn’t come and good writing will always take time. There are even situations when great writing isn’t achieved in the first sitting. When this happens, it’s a good idea to go for a walk or sit in the garden and then try to come up with the words to capture that final call to action and get ideas flowing for the next draft.

Writing concisely, engagingly and in a style that is informing without being boring isn’t easy. It takes time. With a website’s copywriting often treated as a facet rather than the centerpiece, it’s important to get businesses aware of the work that goes into the words needed to appeal to their target audience, communicate the benefits and promote their expertise.

With copy still being purchased in endless websites as well as on  work bidding websites such as Odesk, a line needs to be drawn between rushed copy and that which has taken time to mature. Your words are the most important element of your website as only they will convince visitors why they need your product or service and why they should trust you. Good quality copywriting can differentiate you from the competition.

Poor copy might be packed with keywords. But will it be cost effective over the long-term? With Google’s algorithm shifting from keywords to relevant back-links it’s likely that purely SEO focused copy will start being ignored. If it can’t convert visitors or attract back-links then it’s not going to be money well spent.

Tips to great copywriting:
a.    Use a consistent style and tone, even in your error messages, to broadcast and advertise your brand as well as your products.
b.    Don’t describe products and services with several adjectives, cliches and filler as this will only cause a reader’s eyes to glaze over.
c.    Emphasize the benefits; don’t just say it’s ‘great’.
d.    “Your website’s copy is the main factor to your brand and company identity.”

Gene Dmitri

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