When Copywriting Fails to Give Your More Sales

Do you ever ask yourself why your copywriting isn’t converting well? Every copywriting dilemna is unique however one thing that is universal is the contribution to failure made by common mistakes found in sales copy. Our goal is to determine a few of the many kinds of coywriting mistakes so your knowledge and awareness will be just a little bit more.

A genuine and experienced copywriter understands that better results will occur when the copy addresses product, or service, benefits as opposed to the features. While it’s not possible to always exclude features 100% of the time, but you still absolutely must quickly turn those features into great benefits. Benefits are more effective because people are selfish, and they want to know what is specifically in it for them. So before a copywriter can effectively convey the benefits, it’s necessary to have a full understanding of the product and the overall offer. You can derive the benefits from what you consider to be the features, one by one, and then use the benefits in the copy. Doing that will eliminate one great problem area that so many copywriters have difficulty with. Just keep in mind that people will only buy from you when you show them how your product will change their lives, no matter how small that might be. The subject of headlines is critical because headlines are so critical to success. When you don’t have an interesting headline that grabs attention, you lose sales because not many people will read beyond the headline. You only have a couple of seconds to get the prospect interested and to make him/her reader further. So that is why all the professional copywriters spend a great deal of time on the headline. There are several approaches to writing headlines, and we cannot cover all of them here; but one often-mentioned approach involves putting your product’s biggest benefit in the headline. A great headline that gets the job done will be a blessing for your efforts.

Failing to include a clear and strong call to action within your copy is a copywriting mortal sin. What is your sales copy trying to make happen? Right, only to get your more sales. If you want more sales then you need to have a strong call to action.

You can’t really depend on your prospects to understand and take the action on their own. Usually it’s at the bottom of your copy, so merely tell them what it is you want from them. If you want subscriptions, tell them to “Subscribe Now.” The more direct and straight forward your call to action is, the better results you will see. The smart marketers are always testing, so that is something you can do with a different call to action phrase.

Over all, copywriting is an art that takes time to learn and develop. On the positive side, you can always improve by learning about mistakes and then just not do them again. This is how we all learn and improve.

Gene Dmitri

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