What You Need to Avoid in Copywriting

Copywriting is definitely an important part of marketing especially if you’re writing online. Good copywriting intends to capture your reader’s imagination. The finest copywriting gets them thinking about themselves and not about you.

Below are copywriting mistakes that you should avoid to get more readers.

The first thing readers hate: you talking about yourself all the time.
A little is good if it’s entertaining, engaging and honest. People want to get to know you, but not as much as they want to get something for themselves. Their interests, livelihoods and concerns are way more interesting than you and yours. Always remember who you’re writing for.

Your goal should be to send email that people don’t hate. If you have a website or blog, it’s to provide content that people actually find awesome to read.

Ideally you want them to be so turned ON that they never miss a post, but first you have to try not to turn them OFF.

The second is spelling errors.
For some reason, people just love to correct spelling errors.
In fact even easy-going people can overlook everything except spelling errors. They just can’t stand to see you look stupid or they relish proving how smart they are.

The fact is, spelling errors baffle people, it’s best to utilize your spell-checker. It’ll save you time and trouble. Keep in mind that spell-checker doesn’t correct homonyms or words that sound alike but are spelled differently. As a suggestion, get a friend to read your content or blog before you go publish or go live.

During Copywriting, You have To Remember This
If you want to connect with people so that they don’t even notice your writing, just write the way you talk. I recommend reading your work aloud before you publish it. That way you’ll know if it passes your ear test. If you write the way you speak, it probably will.

Keep in mind that people are online for community, connection and information and not to judge every phrase and comma. Do your best.

You have to keep things real. Be genuine. Try to get a handle on these copywriting mistakes. Copywriting is a learned skill no different from the other crafts. Of course, the best way to get started is to just do copywriting right away.

Gene Dmitri

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