The importance of being specific — use it everywhere you can. Bike rental mini-case study.

Today my friend came to ask me a question about his logo. His logo was not bad but the problem was that it was not saying what his new business would do.

He’s in the business of bikes and he wanted to come up with the logo and slogan for the logo. It said: “London bikes a lot of likes”.

That sounds very witty and clever, but the reality is the customer does not know what the hell you’re talking about. What “likes” for god’s sake is he talking about? That is ridiculous.

Anyway, I told him that he should talk to the prospect directly by saying exactly what you are going to deliver. And in my opinion it was obvious is that when the prospect reads his ad he has no idea that my friend is in the business of renting bikes.

Here’s what the logo looked like BEFORE I changed anything:

I said if you want to sound witty, then rhyme it with a word what you offer to your prospect. To tell you the truth I didn’t even want to rhyme it with anything. You need to  say exactly what you offer. Nevertheless I came up with this:

You’ve got to concentrate on delivering what people want. Tell people exactly what you sell and don’t go around in circles.

If you want to succeed at what you do you must be specific. Do that and you will double or triple your sales.

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Gene Dmitri
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