The Demise of The Backlink

Warning: A lot of people may not agree with the ideas on this post regarding back-linking but here goes…

There was a time when Meta tags were considered essential in optimizing your blog or website. As you know, that’s gone a long time ago.

Most site owners included Meta tags with the same targeted keywords, like ‘fish food, great fish food, best fish food’ as well as infinite slogans telling the same keyword phrase. Loading a lot of Meta tags with keywords guaranteed that your site or blog will rank well. Then Google made changes and Meta tags are no longer useful as a component of SEO.

The same thing happened with reciprocal linking, such as linking to a site and that site linking back to you. Doing this means you both get a backlink therefore many people did this. The thing is Google does not place a lot of importance on reciprocal linking anymore.

In the past two to three years, people were so involved in building backlinks through anchor text, creating as many links as one possibly can and modifying the anchor text in order to get ranked. It is unfortunate that optimization technique was not only overused but abused.

A lot of blog and website owners took advantage of using ‘spammy’ SEO services that promise to build thousands of backlinks for a very cheap price. The main issue is that the backlinks normally come from ‘spammy’ or undesirable sites.

This led to the Panda and Penguin Google algorithm changes which were intended to take off spammy backlinks as a result over optimized sites were affected. Many website and blog owners are now complaining due to their site rankings falling. They have felt that their sites are being penalized for having a lot of backlinks. Actually, they’re not. What happened was they got penalized for having too many “spammy” backlinks.

It doesn’t stop there as there will be more Google algorithm changes that will take place over the next few months and the main focus is removing spammy backlinks. By 2013, backlinks won’t be too important in the algorithm that determines the position of your website in search engines.

The emphasis now shifts to the quality of your content. Yes, it is still about the content. People go online to look for solutions to their problems. They don’t care about theory. What they want is an action that can help them. People want to be told what to do exactly to fix their problems. Again, theory is nothing but trash to them.

Have you ever asked yourself: how many blog posts out there are about theories? You’d probably say, most of them. Now, how will Google determine great content? Do people stay long enough on your site? Do they view all of your webpages? How many people link to your content from their site? Are there people who would share your content on popular social sites such as FB, Google+ and Twitter?

These factors will be important so it pays to think about this as your backlinking method. Never overemphasize backlinks. If you do some things such as commenting or guest posting just to get a backlink, you might as well stop. Remember, to set up social site profiles because you want to share other people’s work.

Here are things that you can do:

1.     Social Profiles
Create accounts at the following:

These social sites allow you to add links to your site. Just don’t forget that these are intended for sharing other people’s work on these sites

2.     Commenting
Anyone can comment on blog posts but it is important you add to the conversation. There will be people who will read your comment and get an opinion of you. You are not writing just to get a backlink. If you do, think of it as a bonus.

After your comment is approved, add the blog post to your social sites like Google+, Twitter, etc.

3.     Guest Posting
The quality of your content is even more important when you do guest posting. If the content is not relevant at all they’ll just end up in the email trash.

4.     Your Own Content
Make content in the best way possible. It should be so good that people will want to share it as well as link to it. Don’t ever do anything with the purpose of just building backlinks. Focus on creating content and help people to solve their concerns.

Gene Dmitri

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