Copywriting 101 for Dummies

Of course, I don’t believe dummies really exist. Anyone has a lot of room for improvement even in copywriting. Now, copywriting is not something that we can just set aside especially if you’re a business owner. For sure, anyone who owns a business need to make some informed decisions about their website, the business and how to approach your future online!

It is a fact that good copywriting can truly make the difference between a website that succeeds or fails. Excellent copywriting and skilled optimization is what puts your website over and above the rest.

In many ways copywriting for your website, is no different from other writing with a few exceptions. You may have the coolest widget out there, but if you don’t introduce it until halfway through your homepage – or paragraph – your visitors are gonna move on!

The fundamentals for good writing still apply for your website, but there are a few exceptions:

Be straightforward
Most people are busy. If and when they are looking for something specific online, they don’t have the time or patience to go through a lot of extraneous text. Learn how to build value and create a sense of urgency right up front, and tell the reader what sets you apart. Develop an emotional connection with your online audience is also a big plus.

Proper Grammar
There are things that simply aren’t negotiable when it comes to copywriting, and that includes the most basic rules: Don’t start a sentence with “I” or “And”. Avoid run-on sentences. Check your spelling and avoid lengthy paragraphs!

Looks are everything
Visitors to the internet are used to scanning a page quickly to determine if it’s what they are looking for. Give them what they want, using clear subheadings and titles, an easy-to-read font, creative bolding within the text (sparingly, please) and links that are visible and stand out clearly just begging them to click!

Employ SEO
Keywords, anchor text, and more keywords! Learn what they are and how to use them. Carelessly stuffing keywords throughout your text, however, will only anger the search engine gods, so learn how to optimize in a professional manner. Need help? Contact a good SEO firm and explain your website goals!

Call to Action!
A good business person knows that you’ve got to ask for the business! Strong calls to action on every page of your website are what make people move forward, so don’t mask them in too much verbiage! Make sure to be simple, clear and direct, with a phone number or hyperlink where they can reach you.

Gene Dmitri

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What Copywriting is Really All About

In reality, copywriting is “salesmanship in print.” Anyone can put into words what one often mentions in a person-to-person situation. It is possible to explain what a feature means during an encounter and also in copywriting.

Just remember in copywriting, you have to be benefit-driven you are. this will lead into more sales. In other words, the greater the perceived value you present, the greater the desire for your product will be. And if they really want your product, you’ll make a lot of money.

In fact, like a face-to-face, one-on-one sales situation ,you need to define as specifically as possible the value of your offer to your readers. The following are just some tips on how to make copywriting more interesting.

a. Express the benefits of your offer in terms that relate directly not only to your market, but also and more importantly to each individual in that market and to each individual’s situation.

b. Don’t focus on your product. Focus on your readers.

c. Relate the benefits of your offer to the person that’s reading it. Tell them how your offer benefits your prospect in terms they can intimately relate to.

d. Use terms the prospect is used to, appreciates and fully understands. (The mind thinks in relative terms. That’s why the use of analogies, stories, examples, metaphors and testimonials is so important! Look at “facelift in a jar” I mentioned earlier, as an example.)

e. Address your reader directly and forget third-person language. Don’t be afraid to use “you,” “your” and “yours,” as well as “I,” “me,” “my” and “mine.” Speak to your reader as if in a personal conversation with her.

The bottomw line is you don’t need to be hypey. Talk to your readers at an intimate level.   The worst thing you can do, second to making broad claims, is to express those claims broadly. Instead, appeal to their ego. Why? It’s because all of use are human beings.

Gene Dmitri

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What You Need to Do to Create Awesome Headlines

Headlines are what make people pay attention to the news, the article on a website, or a result on a search page. Without a great headline that captivates your readers, they are not going to bother going through the rest of the content.

Coming up with an awesome headline requires some techniques. Read further to find out how you can really create great headlines.

1. Jot down 50-100 headlines all in one big “brain dump”! This will allow you get over the need to create one perfect headline and instead it will get you into a creative writing flow where your best ideas can come out to play!

2. Use your market’s “hot-buttons” in the headline. Mention their biggest problem or your compelling solution so you give them a reason to keep reading.

3. Use a combination of any of the bellow Headline tactics to grab their attention:

a. Ask a compelling question – by reading the headline their subconscious mind will automatically answer the question.
b. Make a bold statement
c. Use statistics

For example:
“85% Of Women Don’t Know How To…(insert problem here). Are you One Of Them?”

Lastly, dont forget to re-use or recycle your top 20-30 headlines.

Gene Dmitri

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How to Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Do you know what makes captivating headlines stand out among millions of other headlines? It’s actually no secret. The answer is in making very interesting headlines those that catch your eyes. Yes, your very own eyes, not search engines, not your readers, not diggers, but your OWN eyes.


How do YOU make your choice on which article is worth reading, which headline has caught your attention? What do you base your decisions on? Who’s brainwashed and trained better than YOU are on how the eye-catching headlines look like? Who knows your blog’s audience better than you?

So go ahead, read what others teach you about writing magnetic headlines, learn from pros, magazine covers, newspapers, but in the end YOU will be the one making the final decision on what would be the best headline for your article. And to help you with that, here’s a handy list of things to keep in mind:

Try coming up with several variations for your headline
Search Google for some keywords in your headline and compare the resulting titles with your own. Which one of your variations would stand out in those search results?
Go to Digg and scan the popular articles. Would YOU notice your headline there?

Launch your RSS reader and compare your headline with hundreds of other blog headlines. Would your headline invite YOU to click on it?

Enroll some help from your family or friends: ask them to look at your headline variations and pick the one that catches their attention without knowing what the article is about.

Get away from your article and headlines for awhile and come back later, look at your title variations once again as a stranger and pick the one that catches YOUR eyes.

If YOU don’t find any of your headline variations attractive enough, trust your gut feeling and re-write the title until YOU are happy with it.

Practice does wonders, so don’t despair if you didn’t get the perfect title for your article this time, next time will be much easier and better.

Gene Dmitri

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Good Copywriter?

Every person is unique. No two people can have the same level of skills. The same thing applies to copywriters. There are good copywriters and there are the not-so-good copywriters. Anyway, if you’re serious about being a good copywriter, there are certain characteristics that must be present in you.

What are those characteristics? Let me tell you what they are.

1. A good copywriter can distinguish the features from the benefits.
An effective copywriter knows how to come up with an ad copy that provides solutions to problems. There’s no need to tell the customer how their business works or what it’s all about…this is not a benefit, it’s a feature. Excellent copywriting should give solutions to customers’ needs that’s the key. The solution is the benefit that must be emphasized.

2. Understanding of creating compelling ad copy that makes people buy.
Words are powerful. If used correctly, they can entice anyone and even make them want more. A good ad copy arouses interest. Your consumers will want to call your business or click on a link or stop by your store. A good copywriter can come up with words that evokes action.

3. Good copywriters must grow with the business.
A good copywriter knows the sales letters written during the summer will need tweaking for Fall and the holiday season. He’s there to assist year round and wants to build a long-term relationship. He’s a professional who can commit and be dedicated to your business’ growth.

Gene Dmitri

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How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business?

Twitter…Facebook…Linkedin…they’re everywhere. The funny thing is a lot of people think that these social media sites are only for “keeping in touch” with friends, family and co-workers. If you are stuck in this frame of mind then you are not really taking full advantage of these social sites.

Here’s what you can do with social media sites. You can advertise, promote or even market products and services to as many networks as you can handle. Although Facebook is used by many people, you should also “diversify” your social media marketing to include other social media networks such as  Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. You have a better chance at success the more visible you make yourself.

Try and hold a contest or prize giveaway to entice people to come to your site. To enter, try telling them to follow your page on Twitter, like you on Facebook, or just subscribe to updates on your other sites. Regardless of the prize, you will be capturing your followers’ attention, which helps to improve your visibility.

Ask others to assist you on your social media campaigns if you need it. This market is large and many designers and consultants can create a website and social media strategy that works for you. They can be expensive though, so you may have to spend a considerable amount of money if you choose this path.

If you post photos on social media sites that are relevant to your business, make sure to post more than only your business logo. Adding pictures of your workers and events will bring a face to your business.
There is a way to invite people to “like” your blog on Facebook, by putting a dedicated box for people to click on. This button makes it easy for readers to “like” your content on Facebook. This will allow visitors to “like” the post and they do not have to leave the blog. By making this easy for people, they are more likely to actually do it.

Be an active member of social communities and post often. Social media is all about interacting, being social and visible. Always make sure that you are focusing on your niche to highlight your strengths. This strategy can also lead to good networking benefits.

Gene Dmitri

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How to Make Your Copywriting Standout

There are two things you need to know to make your copywriting standout. These are often overlooked but believe it or not, these are the main factors you really need to focus on. What exactly are those? The headline and the first paragraph are the most important parts. If you know how to create them properly, you’re on your way to making your ad copy stand out.

1. Spend time on the headline
Most people simply don’t realise just how important the right headline is to the success of their content. But the truth is, unless your headline gets read, the rest of your article, post or sales pitch (or whatever it is you’re writing) is going to be completely ignored!

You should spend more time crafting your headline than on any other part of your content. The headline is what makes you stand out, and dictates whether or not someone will pay you any attention at all.

The advent of social media has meant that there’s never been a more important time to get good at writing headlines. Social media posts are the equivalent of writing a headline every time – especially if you Twitter. With a limit of only 140 characters, Twitter is the ultimate streaming headline.

It’s like, you first need to get someone’s attention with your killer headline. Once you’ve got their attention, you need to convince them to stay and get to know you. So the next challenge is to coax the reader from the headline down to the first paragraph.

2. Crafting your first paragraph
The first paragraph should be short and compelling, and should clearly articulate why it’s worth them sticking around to continue reading.

It’s always a good idea to include a key benefit too.
Finally, you need to push them onward into the body copy – by using brief sentences, plenty of paragraph breaks and line spacing, subheadings, and sentences full of benefit laden detail.

Once you’re done with the first paragraph, keep in mind that each sentence should be so compelling, and so focused on your reader, that they just can’t help but keep reading!

Your content will get noticed and get read if you take the time to write an engaging headline and make benefits the focus. Yet when it comes to creating web content, people think the self-centered approach is best. Wrong! As in life, people don’t want to hear you brag about what you can do or how good your widget is (or whatever it is you’re selling).

They want to hear about what you can do for them! So make sure your content is focused on all the ways they will benefit from engaging with you.

Gene Dmitri

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Basic Principles You Shouldn’t Ignore When Doing SEO

Wow! Probably, everyone has heard of SEO. It is so easy to conclude that there must be numerous SEO masters around. Well, that’s what you think. The problem is some so-called “SEO Master” may even ignore the most fundamental rules of doing successful SEO.

What are those principles? Read below to know more about them.

1. Being consistent in the practice of SEO.
A relentless pracie of methods as well as strategies are needed by search engines to boost your site’s rankings. SERPs are always searching, indexing, and ranking new content, so it’s only natural to give new and great content which will attract them. You cannot rest if you wish to be successful.

2. Using well-researched keywords and phrases.
Single words are useless to the search engines. In fact, they can be so general that they don’t mean anything at all to search engines. Phrases are the key to finding an audience. Think of how you do your own searches and you will understand this. Be as specific as possible when using keywords. If you need help, pay for a keyword research project.

3. Emphasize keywords and phrases in your content.
Include bold, underline, and italics features in your text, this will highlight your keyword phrases for the search engines to make it easier to find them. Do this once each with three uses of the keyword phrase within your text.

4. Create great content.
Since the sharing of information on the internet began as nothing but text, content is king. Google especially loves a good blog, but all search engines are biased toward text – and they always will be. Keep your content fresh and lively and they will find you more easily.

5. Think about your target audience, your readers and the search engines.
You have to realize that you are actually making content for a dual audience. One is alive while the other is a machine. One will read and share your content because it resonates with them, the other will share it because it matches an unknown formula, or algorithm. Do you research, here and elsewhere, and learn to write for both audiences; your visitors and the search engines.

Make it easier for search engines to find you by following the principles mentioned above. Simple as they may appear they can really help improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

Gene Dmitri

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Understanding Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting is a very common term. Everyone knows it but not everyone understands it. That’s the difference. Now, there are two types of copywriting. The sloppy and persuasive copywriting. If you want to increase your sales, you’d obviously go for Persuasive copywriting.

Persuasive copywriting is a method which is used to convince prospective customers to purchase a product or service from you and not from anybody else. There is a lot of online marketing happening and many websites selling the same products or services and many of them are saying the same things. The objective of persuasive copywriting is to set your product or service apart from the rest and make it seem unique.

Copywriting is more than just writing or talking about a service or a product. It is mainly about selling a service or product through the power of words. Doing this requires good skill. A persuasive copywriter knows how to write for a target audience and consider the emotional needs of that group when choosing the appropriate wording and language.

Persuasive copywriting methods

It is not a walk in the park to market your product or service in a unique and different way. Below are a few persuasive copywriting techniques you can make use of.

1. Give your readers an offer they cannot refuse: You can be certain that there are many other websites selling the same product or service. Give your readers compelling reasons why they should purchase from you and not somebody else.

2. Over-deliver on your offer: This is achieved by offering value added bonuses together with your product or service. This increases the overall value of your product or service thus making it more attractive than your competition’s.

3. Trigger a strong urgency in your copy: People hate missing out on opportunities to get their hands on something exclusive. Copywriting that includes a message that makes your product seem scarce and exclusive is a great way to trigger these emotions in people.

Always keep in mind to stick to the facts as much as possible. People can pick up when you’re being dishonest.

Gene Dmitri

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When It’s Not Right to Use “You” in Copywriting

Almost all copywriting tutorials have mentioned this and it’s even a basic principle that professionals constantly talk about. “Always use ‘you’ more than you use ‘we, us or our’ in your copy.” The fact is this principle is not always true 100% of the time. There are circumstances when using “you” in copywriting is not appropriate.

When The End User is not Always the Target Customer or Buyer

Think about the last time you purchased a gift basket. Was it for you? Have you ever bought a gift basket for yourself? No. Why? Because (sadly) we don’t typically buy gifts for ourselves. These purchases are for another person.

What about gift cards? Same deal.

The gift market isn’t the only one that sees this copywriting occurrence. What about many retirement communities, assisted-living homes or in-home care providers? Overwhelmingly, the children or other family members research and have a significant bearing on the decision about such places/services.

Using “You” In Business Services

How about business services? For instance, those who provide business-related services to employees oftentimes are not pitching the employees directly. They are, in fact, selling to the human resources department who researches and decides what services will be offered to staff members.

These are just a few examples of the many times where copy would not usually be written to the end user of these products or services. Instead it would be written about your friend, your business associate or your loved one.

Gene Dmitri

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Can You Write a Quality Article in Less than 30 Minutes?

Ok. Content is king. You already know that. Now, can you come up with a great content in less than 30 minutes? You’d probably say, it depends. If you’re having a creative block, it would take you more than a day to write something that makes sense. Let’s say you just want to write something useful and you are not experiencing any creative block. Sometimes, it can still take you an hour or more to write anything at all.

Now, what should you do to create an article fast? Here are some things you need to remember to make a great content.

1. List down your ideas.

Whenever you come up with great ideas, don’t forget to jot it down. Do you know that it can take a long time to find a topic to write about? So if you have your list, then you can always get back to it when you need to write.

2. Expand your ideas.

Forcing suporting details for your topic can be tough at times. To work around this here’s what you need to do. Once again you need your list. On that list, you have to let your great ideas sit for a few days then you can include more ideas as they occur to you in the next few days. This is how you get the supporting details you require when writing your content.

3. Set aside unnecessary ideas before you start writing

On your list, you might have included some ideas that do not fit the original article you plan to write. Don’t remove them from your notes, just set them aside. You can still use those ideas on future articles that you will be writing.

4. Using numbered or bullet points

To make it easier for you write an article, organize by using numbered or bullet points. These would make transition of one idea to another a lot easier. A fast transition of ideas to come up with an article that has a lot of sense.

5. Articles should be short

Apparently, the longer an article is the longer it takes to finish it. Since you want to complete an article in less than 30 minutes, you need to be sure that your article is only about 500 words or less. Now, there’s one thing that must not be compromised even if you are writing a short article and this is the idea that you want to convey to your readers. An article must be coherent regardless of its length.

Gene Dmitri

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Should You Hire a Freelance Writer?

Many people already know that as freelance writers persuading businesses that getting their services is a good decision can be tough.

Tell me, do you own a business? If you do, I’m pretty sure I’ve listed the reasons below on why you would not hire a freelance writer.

1.You can come up with great content yourself. If this is the case then why hire someone else to do what you can take care of on your own?

  • The simple answer to this is that your time is not unlimited. While you may write exceptionally well, if you have a million other tasks to complete, perhaps writing is something you should outsource.

2. You want control. You’d rather have someone in your office so you can look over his shoulder while he works. You want to see what you’re paying for, while it’s happening.

  • This makes sense. That’s why employees generally work in the office. But think about it. Do you really want to hire another employee? There are taxes to pay, paperwork to complete, desk space and computers to provide, paper and other supplies for printing and such, and the list can go on. If you have an employee on-site, you’re liable for workers’ compensation in some cases, and at least liable if they slip and fall in the office. Not to mention that employees converse with others, take bathroom/smoking/snack breaks, check their cellphones and make personal calls, and any other number of off-task activities. All of which you’re paying for…by the hour.
  • A freelancer charges only for time-on-task, especially if you pay them per project. If the cost of brochure copy is an agreed-upon $1000 (for instance), it doesn’t matter if the freelancer takes a shower while banging out your copy. You pay $1000 for the brochure. Period. No need to micromanage. No need to watch over his shoulder. When you purchase a car, you don’t watch each piece being manufactured. You don’t pay by the hour for its assembly. You just pay for the finished product.

3. You know someone who can do it for less. I’m guessing you might have a cousin or a brother-in-law who can write. Why not just give him a few dollars (or nothing at all) and have him write your copy?

  • This one isn’t one I’ll answer straight out. If you’ve ever worked with family, you already know this isn’t the best idea in the world. If you haven’t, and you want to give it a try…vaya con Dios. And then hire a professional freelance writer after the ordeal is over.

Gene Dmitri

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SEO Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

Almost everyone has heard of SEO. Yes, we utilize SEO to make people come to our website and buy our services or products. The only thing is there’s a right and wrong way to do SEO. If you really want people to believe in you, you have got to do SEO the right way therefore here are the things that we need to avoid when optimizing our sites.

What to avoid in SEO:

Being satisfied with just driving people to your website. It’s good if a lot of people go to your site but having a lot of visitors doesn’t mean all of them will buy your product or get your services. Your website should give people a reason to make them want to buy.

Not giving people a reason to stay.

If people go to your website then this means you must be doing something right however, it is also easy for them to leave your site in a heart beat. If this happens then there’s something wrong. Both actions will have cost you money. So think about what you would like me to do when I arrive and then make it easy for me to do it.

Making an Ad Copy too SEO friendly

An ad copy must be created with thought. Don’t just come up with one and make it overly SEO search friendly that the main idea is loss. An ad copy must always make sense with your visitors as always content is extremely important

Hiring an expert without checking his background.

Beware! There are just too many people who claim they are experts when it comes to SEO. They’ll have you spending a lot of money without delivering the results you expect. It pays to check out references, work experiences and background. Remember, you want someone who can help you gain more profit from your online business.

Gene Dmitri

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What Newbies Need to Know About Copywriting

If you learn copywriting and continue working to improve, then you will be like fine wine that only gets better with time. Once you get into it, you will quickly see there are many aspects that have to be understood. Just like anything else you learn, you can get off on the right or wrong foot, so you do have to pay attention and be careful.

Here are a few copywriting tips…
Just about anything you can devote some time to so you know a little more, or can write a little better, will be time well spent.

Just take it slow, or not, and make it a habit to do some writing every day. Copy is a term thrown around a lot on the web, but there is simply web content that is not really copy in the true sense of the word. One way to get some practice in is to just write articles for your site, and then ask someone you trust to review them. Practicing and learning how to write better cannot be ignored, and there is no other way to improve.

The most powerful and effective copy will be that which has an emotional component to it; it speaks to the emotions of the audience. Have you ever noticed that the simple act of offering a freebie still needs to be sold? You will see copy elements in that, too. However, you need to know where to insert the emotions and use those appeals in your copy that speak to the person’s emotions. You don’t have to be an expert copywriter to understand the value of emotions when writing your copy. You can help your self immensely by trying to feel how they feel about what ever the problem is you are writing about. Just remember you need to make the reader arrive at a decision that is favorable to you.

All copy, and writing for that matter, must have a clearly defined goal that permeates the entire piece. If it helps, make an outline based on this and then write to that until you are happy with it. What do you aim to achieve with your copy? Those and much more you will need to determine and hold very clear in your mind. The performance of your copy will be determined by all the upfront work you put into it even before you type a single word. Clarity is something that is needed at all times when you’re writing your copy, and this clarity can only be achieved when you’ve got your focus on your goal.

People think copywriting is hard to do, and it can be while at the same time it does not really have to be.

Gene Dmitri

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It’s Unbelievable But This is What Real Copywriting is About

Regardless of some nay sayers, the long copy sales letter continues to be the hub of all direct response copy. Unfortunately, long copy does not work on its own. Much like a wheel, a sales letter won’t do its job without its support spokes. Each of these spokes requires specific copy. Here is how you use the Sales Letter Copy Wheel to get that sales letter rolling along… and boost your bank account at the same time!

Step One: Take a deep breath and craft your long copy sales letter.

Relax. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sales copy is always a work in progress. Just throw it up there and make little tweaks over time to get better conversion rates. The good news about the sales letter is you can repurpose parts of it for your next steps. In other words, reuse the same bullets, points and headlines to grab your readers’ attention.

Step Two: Use copy to drive traffic to your site.

There are multiple ways to get visitors to take a gander at your site. The cheapest way is via permission-based email. These are prospects who have already raised their hands and told you they are interested in hearing from you. That means they are targeted from the get-go. Unfortunately, in general it’s more difficult to get email prospects to take action. They deal with too much unwanted email and spam. One touch of the delete key and you end up in the trash.

Sending postcards is another great way to let them know about you. They are fairly cheap to send and don’t have to be opened to get your message across. Don’t want to send them out yourself? Hire a service to do it for you.

If you have fax numbers for people on your list you can send a fax driving them to your site. (You can even rent mailing and faxing lists but I don’t get into that personally.)

Finally you can simply print a hard copy of that sales letter and mail it. Costs a bit more but the results traditionally pay off in spades.

Step Three: Grab the opt-in!

In exchange for a value-packed e-zine, a special report, or a free e-course prospects will often give you their contact information. Then you can continue to market to them over time. Unfortunately getting them to give you their email address is much harder than it used to be. Now you have to “sell” the opt-in.

Here’s where good copy plays a big part. You have to focus on the benefits the prospect will get from your information. List hot bullet points that sell them so they feel comfortable giving you their private information.

Gene Dmitri

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Copywriting Tips: Two Important Words You Shouldn’t Miss

To make your copywriting more effective and have your sales conversion continuously spike at the highest level, there are two important words that you should always include in your copywriting. In fact, they should be the stars of your copywriting.


Yes, You.The reader. It is extremely important that you focus your copywriting to your readers.
Why are you writing an ad copy? Who are you writing the ad copy for? You are doing this because of the readers. Because you want them to try and consider the product you are promoting. Hence, it is only natural that you focus your copywriting to them, your readers, your target market, your potential buyers.

By making them the star of your ad copy, and not the product you are promoting, you are making your ad more compelling. This is the best and easiest way to tell your readers that you care for them and that their opinions and decisions matter to you.

Stop focusing on the product or the company. Shift the limelight toward your readers. Make them feel important. Introduce the product as a solution to their problem rather than a new product that they should try. In doing so, you are actually inching closer to that sales conversion.

Start by removing all the I’s and me’s in your ad copy – including all references to the product or the company that manufactures or produces the product. Focus your ad copy to your readers. What they like most, what they don’t like, what their current problem is, and how you could help them.


Another effective way to increase your sales conversion and boost your marketing is by providing your readers a strong and concrete reason. Keep in mind that most people tend to find a reason for everything before they actually act on it. Hence, you need to provide them not one, not two, but several reasons for them to buy the product you are promoting.

After identifying their current problem and acknowledging the struggle they are presently going through, offer a solution to them by introducing the product you are promoting. Then support your offer by pointing the reasons why this product is the solution to their problem.

Sometimes, giving them enough reasons to buy actually make them buy.

Gene Dmitri

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Copywriting Survival 101: Doing It The Right Way

Copywriting is not just about selling.

Copywriting is about great writing that makes people want to read your work. So how can you survive with copywriting?

Here are 3 tips you can do to help your writing so that readers will understand that it’s worth their investment of time, money, or emotion.

1. What you need to do for better copywriting:

Remember, a blank stare means they don’t care.

Understand that people make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Horror movies are powerful things.

Aim your writing so that it appeals to one or more of the readers emotions such as: fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation, surprise. Think about this, this way. If you’re telling a joke, if it does not hit on any emotion you’ll get that horrible blank stare from the listener – you know the look- the one that makes you want to crawl into a hole. Your writing needs to hit some emotion so you don’t get that blank stare (the online “blank stare” is clicking away).

2. The next thing to do for great copywriting:

Can they eat it, have sex with it, or will it kill them?

You must make what your writing feel personal to the reader.

Our basic drives are always there no matter how “enlightened” we are so, to borrow from Susan Weinschenk from “What Makes them Click,” keep in mind that a reader’s brain will always ask these 3 questions: “Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it kill me?” In other words, what’s in it for the reader? They aren’t going to care that your post is the biggest, fastest, baddest post in the world; they will care about the idea that when they are done reading your post their lives will be…(fill in the blank here with how they want their life to be).

3. The thing step you have to do for easy copywriting:

Imitate, then stamp unique on it.

If you know you are not the most awesome writer in the world, or you don’t give two owls about copywriting, then find a piece or post that personally moves you in some way. Then imitate it. Something that moves you emotionally is something you can relate to so it’s a good base for you to use. Don’t copy the words, of course, but imitate the rhythm and style, the length of sentences, etc., when and how they place those little “persuasive” words. Once you write your piece imitating the style and flow, then, go back through and put a little more of “you” in it. You can do this by your choice of words, or how you break up the paragraphs, for instance.

So, forget about having to understand all the ins and outs of the great copywriters.

Gene Dmitri
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3 Things to Avoid When Making Headlines

There are mistakes that marketers often make when writing their headlines. Before you make the same mistakes, read further to find out what mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Headlines which are too lengthy

Provided that we have only 25 characters to work with, the headline is never going to be painfully long. That said, you don’t need to use every single character.

For instance, which headline do you think would be more effective?

“Study on dog communication”

“Dogs CAN talk!”

or how about:

“Lose weight without exercise”

“Stop Exercising!”

Short, sweet, and to the point. Sure, you’re not using all 25 allotted characters, but start getting used to the fact that you don’t always need to (and in fact, often it’s best not to).

2. Using an Empty Question

We’ve talked before about using questions as your headline. However I wouldn’t recommend using an empty question. An empty question headline may be:

“Why buy Joe’s tires?”

Not exactly attention grabbing, is it? We don’t know Joe’s Tires from Fred’s Tires, but quite frankly, we don’t care. Instead, you could focus your headline on the benefit people will get from buying Joe’s tires. You can even still phrase it as a question:

“Are your tires safe?”

3. Not focusing on the customer

People care very little about what you can provide them with. What they care about is how your product helps them. Try taking yourself and your business out of the headline and focussing instead on what your product does for them.

Gene Dmitri

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Tips on How to Attract Browsers to Read your Ad Copy

Browsers spend merely a few seconds in each web site they browse. They spend even less time in viewing advertisements and ad copies. Heck, others just pass by it without even glancing on the title. So, what could you do to attract browser to read your ad copy? Here are some tips:

1. Add white spaces

White spaces don’t mean you’ve got nothing to say. It is, in fact, a breather to the content of your ad copy. While it’s great that you have fresh, informative, and motivational content to share, it is also important to let your readers breath – by adding line breaks and white spaces. Also, most browsers repel from too wordy ads. They feel suffocated by it. So, adding lots of line breaks and white spaces may actually attract browsers including your potential buyer.

2. Use subheads

Subheads make your content readable and easily understandable. It also helps you get to the point of your ad copy. It eliminates all the added words for explanation and motivation. Also, it is pleasing to the eye and makes your ad copy look more organized and, therefore, legit.

3. Don’t forget to put captions

If you’re going to add pictures to your ad copy, never forget to include captions. Studies say that image captions are one of the most read content on any page. So, you might just catch the attention of a potential buyer by including a caption to your images.

4. Bullets and numbers

Aside from making your ad copy more organized and formal, bullets and numbers help keep your readers oriented. They eliminate confusion among readers and are actually helpful in making your readers understand your ad copy’s message. Yes, it is important to attract and keep the attention of your readers. But it is also important to help them understand what you are trying to say. Do not complicate things by overwhelming them with too many words. Make it easier for them to understand, specifically within the limited seconds they allot to read your ad copy.

5. Don’t just write. Write using a format

Sometimes, even when your content is highly convincing, people would just browse past your ad. Why? Because it didn’t grab their attention. For them it was just another one of those ordinary hard selling ads. You can avoid this by writing using a format. Use bold, italics wherever possible. But be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to confuse your readers.

Gene Dmitri

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How Kick-Ass Copywriting Can be an SEO Tool

Nearly all people today are in a position to invest gigantic quantities of income on obtaining SEO tools, yet they leave out the most obvious tool, which doesn’t cost them a penny beyond what they’re willing to spend on producing their website. The name of that special tool is content.

If you’ve paid adequate attention to good content, it compliments your SEO development efforts and gives you a great platform to start your business. Countless early entrepreneurs make the blunder of concentrating only on the look and feel of their website and don’t pay any attention to what it consists of. This is obviously to the detriment of the very point they seek to accomplish – excellent search engine rankings plus beneficial traffic density.

When you seek to use copywriting as an SEO tool, a few issues must be borne in mind. Your content must be very well delivered. It’s absolutely essential that you get it written professionally. A professional copywriter knows how to deliver well researched content and does an excellent job. Both attributes are essential. Only when your visitors find content of value on your site, will they return.

The next advantage of copywriting is proper keyword usage. People and search engines are both vary of keyword stuffing. The days when you could repeat the same (or similar) keywords a thousand times in a page and get rated higher and higher are long gone.

Search engines are too smart for that. The overuse of keywords is one of the simplest ways to get poor ratings. A good SEO tool will ensure this doesn’t happen. A good copywriter will take you one step ahead. He’ll be able to combine your keywords into your text in such a fashion, that the placing will be natural and the keyword density will be ideal.

As you develop your website, you may get overwhelmed with the material required. While you may be very good technically, you’ll still need to write about many other things that affect your product and maybe you need to produce a number of white papers and status reports. All of these are essential to establish a good web presence and they affect your business. This is something that an SEO tool can never realize, but a excellent copywriter can handle with easiness.

Gene Dmitri

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The Secrets to Making Great Content for Social Networks

There are many varied networking web sites that are introduced however only a few will survive for several years. Although some of these sites will not get enough focus but people will agree that these sites are the main motivation why so much more people are spending time on-line.

Anyone who owns a business online and considers content marketing as the main source of site visitors must take advantage of social media sites to stretch their audience reach. Social media sites can have a massive impact on benefits involving advertising.

Below are great ways to create content for social networks:

1. Determine and understand the wants of your target market. Always think about your target market. Figure out what they really want. Identify the topics they are interested in. Knowing what your target market wants will help you come up with a great content that they will value.

2. Learn to create catchy titles. Regardless of your niche, a catchy title is important. You want your audience to read your content. No matter how good a content is if the title is boring, your audience will just move on to the next article they can grab. To ensure that people will read your content, your titles must be able to grab their attention.  Title should be made with the intention of making readers curious enough to get their’ attention.

3. Give useful and interesting information. Quality of content is key to ranking. Your readers should find your content helpful, well researched and informative. The better your articles or content are the more readers will be interested in reading what you provide. Not only that, they’ll also more likely to click that read more button of your articles or blog posts.

4. Content or blog posts should be engaging. Your content may be informative but how exactly did you present your details? Is your content fascinating? Is it interesting enough to hold your readers’ attention? Content has to be witty and entertaining as well as informative. Make your readers smile so they don’t forget you and your content.

5. Optimize your posts. With so many content out there having the same topic, there must be a way to make yours standout. But how? Optimize your post, put keywords in the right places. Include those keywords on the titles, the body of your content, post summary and if possible even on the tags.  Other places to put the keywords phrases could be at every paragraph of the content body. Keyword phrases are important. Just don’t overdo it. Key density should be from 1.5-2%

6. Advertise your articles. Be sure that your posts reach your target market. Put them on Facebook, tweet your posts. Your posts have to be out there in social media networks, bookmarking networks, article directories and so on.

Gene Dmitri

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How Copywriting Can Boost Your Sales Dramatically

Sales copywriting is mainly about trying to get a reaction or response from  your SMS or emails. These responses can range from ordering a service or product, picking up the phone while the client reads the ad copy.

When communicating or talking to one another, we are actually using embedded commands whether it’s intentional or otherwise. Notice how we speak slower than usual or lower our voice on certain words.  This is done to emphasize a specific action or statement. This could have a hypnotic effect on your audience.

However, when it comes to online readers, these techniques cannot be used to your advantage because there is no way to observe body language. To work around this, you can include a video in your ad copy.

In reality the written words in your ad copy are  embedded commands in your text that can have the same effect and if done well could trigger or make your readers take action that you want them to.

Take a look at the following example:

1. I wonder how fast you are going to get this service?

Let’s say you have the above phrase included in your ad copy. What could possibly be the effect on your readers? It may seem innocent and harmless. Readers may recognize this as a ?perhaps? or ?possible? comment however embedded within this short phrase is a powerful call to action.

Should you purchase this product?

Whenever you include Embedded Commands in your ad copy, it’s a good idea to use Italics or Bold to make them stand out from the normal text. By using Bold or Italics, readers can easily notice the embedded commands. The reader will automatically recognize the Bold or Italic command statement and subconsciously follow it.

The reason people follow these types of statements can be complicated but this has something to do with the two sides of the human brain (the left and the right). Embedded Commands are linked to the right side of the brain which makes the readers unaware of what is truly causing their desire.

Maximize the use of the embedded commands by strategically putting them on your ad copy to build the desire slowly as well as re-enforce the desire for your product or service.

Some Other examples of Embedded commands are:

2. Say Yes to this Offer

3. Discover the Secret

4. Click on that Button Fast

5. Get a Copy of This

The above phrases look harmless but these are actually creating a need for your service or product. If properly used, it can really create the desire that you want for your reader to do something about it.

You might want to find out how to make Embedded Commands. It’s actually quite easy. The maximum number of words is from three to seven. Use the imperative voice and start with the verb that presupposes the subject, you.

Gene Dmitri
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Killer Tips to Write Catchy Headlines

Do you know that the most critical part of writing an article, material or content is the headline? The same thing applies to blog posts. Why? It’s because your readers’ eyeballs will always start at the title. So this is where your focus should be. Before you make a title, ask yourself this one question:

Would this make me want to read on?

If your answer is no then please delay publishing until you’re happy with your headline. Give yourself sufficient time to focus on coming up with an attention-grabbing title and do not settle for less.

Unfortunately, many people neglect the headlines or the titles. People think all headlines are the same and it’s the content that matters most. The truth is the title or headline gives readers an impression of how interesting a content might be so be sure to come up with a good headline.

How to Write Catchy Headlines

Below are simple but great tricks to make your headlines interesting:

1. Use numbers

Using numbers on your headline really works. This is the biggest reason copywriters use them in their headlines. It doesn’t matter what the business is about; lots of them will be using numerals to start off the headline.

Often people will remember about three to five points but there aren’t really any rules regarding which numbers work best.

2. Include interesting adjectives

Every headline should have interesting adjectives as these also help get your readers’ attention.



3. For a list post, use unique description

In case you need to do a list post, be original. Look at the following examples:


If possible, never use things. You can do better than that.

4. Use what, why, how, or when

These are trigger words, “why” and “how” to persuade people. Typically, you’ll use either a trigger word or a number. Rarely does it sound good to do both.

5. Make an awesome promise

Promise to give your reader something important and valuable. Will you teach her how to learn a new skill? Will you convince her to do something she’s never done before? What you want to do is dare your reader to read the article. Without over-promising, be bold. Be seductive in the most innocuous way possible, of course. Be dangerous and then deliver what you promised.

Try this formula

Here’s a simple headline-writing formula: Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Example:  “Feeding whales.” You could write an article entitled, “How to Feed a Whale Indoors”

You could use the formula and make it: “10 Incredible Ways You Can Feed a Whale Indoors”

Here’s a more serious example: Take a bold promise like “selling your house in a day.”

When you use the formula, you get: “How You Could Easily Sell Your House in Less than 24 Hours”

No one wants to be fooled into reading something boring; they want to be drawn into something exciting. Make it worth their while. Take the  time to consider what headline will grab people’s attention the most, and make sure that it describes your content in an attractive but genuine manner.

Gene Dmitri

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Should Businesses Take Copywriting Seriously?

Written words will always impact your business whether this involves an email, newsletters, brochures or web page. The written copy of your message can make or break your business. Written words can literally make your reader buy anything from you or even trigger a Holy War against you.

The Internet can give a lot of money-making opportunities for anyone. It continues to be beneficial to small online businesses in spite of the presence of  pay-per-click search engines.

Businesses have come to recognize the power of written words online due to an extreme economic crisis. The importance of copywriting has been ignored for a long time and lots of breast-beating has gone into the cause of the “latest development technology.” Well, technology has its place, but what makes a customer do business with you is, the written message.

Depending on the words you use, the manner in which you use them as well as the combinations of these words and the manner you decide when or when not to use these words. Copywriting and business are truly about words.

Unfortunately, owners of small online businesses do not consider copywriting significant until it’s too late.  In reality, most businesses do not survive because they failed to communicate their message well or their copywriting is not persuasive enough.

There must be a goal or objective when you send out a message. The kind of response you get with your copywriting can determine if your message is convincing or not.

As a business owner, you should send a message that lets customers know about you, your company as well as your product in a manner that reaches their hearts.

This must be a message that can build rapport and trust between you and your customers.

The copy of your message must be at the center of your business strategy.

So what sort of copy is that?

– It must be something that touches the core of your customer or client.
– A copywriting that shows why you and your product can be trusted.
– An ad copy that makes people buy your product or obtain your services.
– An ad copy that talks to customer without beating around the bush.
– An ad copy that provides sufficient details to help prospective customer or clients make an educated decision.

There are no hard and fast rules for copywriting. People can usually read between the lines – the words, the commas, the full-stops and the phrases – and they can even tell what kind of person the copywriter is. This is an awareness that takes place on the subconscious level. To make the story short, all businesses need a copywriter who can reach the customers’ heart and even subconscious.

Gene Dmitri
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If you want to succeed in ad copy writing — get disciplined

Discipline works.

1. You must write your ad copy consistently.
2. Set your due dates and Complete it on time(even if you have to work weekends).
3. Do only quality content. Don’t settle for the second rate performance.
4. Sustain great pressure on professional standards.  You can create great things when you are under pressure.
I love this quote by St Augustine about pressure:

“To be under pressure is inescapable. Pressure takes place through all the world war, siege, the worries of state. We all know men who grumble under these pressures and complain. They are cowards. They lack splendour. But there is another sort of man who is under the same pressure but does not complain, for it is the friction which polishes him. It is the pressure which refines and makes him noble” — Saint Augustine of Hippo

Good luck
-Gene Dmitri

How to Push Your Sales Up with Copywriting

Why is it so hard to profit from articles? How come no one seems to be interested in my articles? Probably, you have asked yourself these questions in the past. If you really want to make sales from your articles you need to have the needed skills. With the right copywriting techniques, you can boost your sales.

Let me tell you what to do to improve your copywriting skills.

Use of Ardent Words.
Add some excitement into your article by taking advantage of words such as ‘awesome’, ‘fantastic’, words that trigger images of passion such as enchantment, amour and so on. Using the right words can motivate your readers to be more interested in your articles.

Questions that people are interested in
Raise questions that people would be interested in. “Do you want to make money, now? Of course, you do.” That is an example of a question and answer. Asking a question prepares the reader for a response. By answering it immediately, you have given him a response confirming what he already knows. It directs him to your logical conclusion, which is to buy your product.

Fascinating Titles
Make sure to come up with a titillating title. Your reader’s attention is quite short so be sure to be able to capture it. You may have the best article and the best writing technique however, it will never work without a great title. Include emotional words on your titles along with the keywords. In this way, the search engines can tag your content to give you more viewers.

What you have read here is not at all exhaustive of the techniques and tips used in copywriting. If you really want to make money with writing content, continue improving and thoroughly learning about copywriting techniques. Having great copywriting skills can truly boost your sales.

Gene Dmitri

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Is SEO Worth Paying For? Or Should You Just Do It Yourself?

Many people rely so much in SEO optimization and this lead to a high demand in optimization. Numerous SEO companies are advertising their services, enticing prospective clients that they can provide top rankings within search engines. The thing is once you understand search engine optimization methods, you’re on your way to obtaining high rankings free of charge. The main advantage of using SEO is it’s a fantastic way to market your products or services on the net. Yes, you can pay someone or a company to give you great rankings in Google but why not learn SEO yourself and benefit from it for free?

When paying for SEO Optimization is the only option you can think of

Getting the services of an SEO company is actually a choice that you can make however, if you endeavor or put an effort to learn how to rank high in search engines then you don’t need anyone’s services to be visible online.

Instead of one website ranking, you have the opportunity to get top rankings with multiple sites under multiple keywords. It is proposed to provide entrepreneurs with a long-term marketing solution, campaign against the company paying you, and once the campaign is done, so your site. Or, if you want to continue the campaign you have to pay high fees to maintain the rating. When it is a free way to drive traffic, not high maintenance fee to maintain the flow.

Do It Yourself SEO

If you really want to build an online presence, the best person to do SEO is YOU. Many businesses do not consider this as the best solution because it can take a lot of time as well as testing to complete optimization. It’s true that there are a lot of e-books or online content that claim to tell you how to rank well in search engines but finding  a teacher or a mentor to instruct or help you with SEO can give you better results.

Sometimes, learning how to do SEO is not possible simply because you might not have the time or you’re not just interested in learning how it’s done. In this case, then you would have no choice but to look for a reputable SEO company who can deliver results and meet your expectations.

SEO has been proven to be a great method to advertize and market your services and products online. As always, SEO must be included in your business strategies.  This is a sure-fire way to let your website be found. Remember, if people can’t find your website, your online business will not survive long-term.

Gene Dmitri
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SEO Topics That Are Bothersome

Having exceptional content is not enough with Search Engine Optimization, you are required to do On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization and so on. It’s simply that there are some things about SEO that can be bothersome.

Search Engine Optimization Guru

A “Guru” is supposed to be a spiritual guide. This suggests an “Expert” who is an instructor with exceptional knowledge, wisdom and also authority in a certain area who uses it to instruct or direct others as well as not be too concerned with profits.

On the Advayataraka Upanishad 14– 18, verse 5, the syllable “gu” suggests shadows, the syllable “ru” indicates he who enlightens, so guru’s should enlighten the ordinary human being from the darkness of ignorance. Currently, this does not seem like the SEO gurus that we understand.

SEO professionals are “search engineers”?

Individuals believe SEO’s included being “search engineers”. Unless your job includes developing search engines, at this point you are not a “search engineer”.

Faulty Link structure

Advising individuals the best method is to send junk mail in forums and social media for links, buying hyperlinks and so on is not benefiting the online community to be a better place. True Search Engine Optimization has nothing to do with hyperlink building which a lot of web sites offer. To believe that linking is SEO is not right.


Unless PageRank has been worked out or there is something extremely appealing in the toolbar PageRank that is worth discussing: PageRank is actually uninteresting. “SEO” is actually an overused word right now, I will consider most good experts as “online company strategists”. As an alternative, they concentrate their energy on building reliable and also valuable content on the internet. They left the world of selling rankings and what-not quite some time ago.  The sites they make are usable, accessible, they look good, the products are sold thoughtfully. The sites are easily crawled by search engines and follow search engine guidelines. The result is a nice site that does well for its owner and its customers.

Gene Dmitri
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Skyrocket Your Career As an SEO Copywriter

It doesn’t matter if it’s about writing a novel, writing a famous person’s autobiography as long as we become a writer. We now understand that life is not a bed of roses. Numerous wannabe writers have become disappointed or have chosen a different career, thinking that writing is not for them.

With the onset of modern internet technology, writing has branched out to article or content writing, copywriting, blogging and even SEO copywriting. I would say content writing is the easiest type of writing since information about on the net but copywriting is a different thing more so with SEO copywriting.

The point of this article is to understand why so many people fail as an SEO copywriter. I want you to read further and contemplate so you know what causes this failure.

Insufficient Search Engine Understanding

You need to understand how the search engines work. If you intend to write a real search engine optimized copy, it follows that you need to know not only your target market, but also the search engines themselves. While this may sound daunting or technical, it really is neither. Learning to write for search engines is easier than you might think. (Spoiler alert: this will be the subject of another video post).

Last year has been described as “epic” for SEO, in no small part due to the three major changes in Google’s search engine algorithms: first its May Day Update, followed by Caffeine, then Google Instant. Part of understanding how the search engines work is to keep abreast of new developments in search engine “behavior” such as these, so you are on top of the game– and there are scads of online resources for doing so.

Inadequate Understanding of Buyer Psychology

Do you know what makes people “tick”? This is where the art of SEO copywriting comes into play, seriously. Understanding the psychology of your market is absolutely fundamental to conversions– hence all the discussion of CRO, or conversions rate optimization. Great SEO copywriting may lead your prospects to your site but it won’t compel them to buy– unless you know and address their needs, desires, fears, and pain points. In short, you need to “get” their psyche.

There are awesome things you can do to change copywriting from good to powerful conversions! These will be more on understanding buyer psychology, and resources you can tap.

Gene Dmitri
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How to Rock with Copywriting!

We have to face the truth that not all of us were born to be great writers like Shakespeare and the mere thought of copywriting makes even the strongest of men tremble with trepidation. Unfortunately, businesses need copywriting.  You heard me. Without copywriting your business will wither and die.

Now, how do you fix this if you think you’re a sorry excuse for a writer? Your prayers are answered. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Read below and find out how you can change your copywriting drastically.

1. Quit using Lame words
For sure, many of us were raised to be nice, polite and tactful. That’s how our Moms and Dads want us to be squeaky clean just like the boy or girl next door with impeccable manners.  So when we write something, we often try to be nice just like the stories we tell kids at night.  Because of this, we usually take off words that provoke when writing. Actually, we need those provocative words on our titles, on our content, on our sales page, blogs etc. So what are those “provocative words” exactly? Let me ask you something. What do you think of the following titles?

– Great Ways to Earn Money
– Fantastic Tips to be Beautiful
– Interesting Places to Go to

I don’t need a psychic to know what you’re thinking. Yes, they sound ok or “polite”.  How about interesting? If you say yes then you’re lying. What about if I change those titles and put some “provocative” words on them? Let’s see what happens.

– Earn Money or Die Trying
– Be Beautiful or Just Go Home to Mommy
You’re Missing Out on Life if You Don’t See These Places

You see provocative words attract attention and it’s unfortunate that many of us will take them out because they sound “inappropriate”. I’m not saying you include “profanities” on your titles or content. What people need to do when copywriting is to include some words which many are not comfortable with.  So leave your comfort zone and be outrageous with your choice of words!

2. Be direct
If you want to tell something to anyone, be direct and stop beating around the bush.  When it comes to copywriting make it as direct as it can be. Just write something everyone can understand. Use straightforward words and don’t confuse your readers.

Do you know what happens if you beat around the bush? Aside from confusing people, if they have the patience to go through your content, they would probably doze off before they even get to the middle. If they’re impatient, they’ll just move on to the next content in a heartbeat. So tell it like it is without those complicated words and don’t holdback

3. Be Reasonable and Balanced
There’s got to be balance when you’re writing something much more if you’re doing copywriting. There’s nothing wrong with being outrageous. It’s good. That would attract interest but you have to make sure your content or title is realistic enough.

Ok, so the following titles are outrageous and interesting but they’re not realistic.

How to Feed 10,000 Chickens on Your Own in 5 Seconds
Write and Publish 1 Million Different Books in One Day

When you’re creating an ad copy, you have to convince people something can be done for them. That “something” is achievable and possible. This is what I meant by being reasonable and balanced.

Overall, if you remember what I just told you when you’re writing, definitely there will be a huge improvement on the way you write.

Gene Dmitri
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