Be Celebrity and Authority in Your Market Niche!

You have to position yourself as a celebrity in your market. This will multiply your effort you put in into your business. I learned it from Frank Kern who is great at being a celebrity without being one. He talks about how you can become a celebrity by being the best in you niche.

Make people talk about you and you will be famous.

How do you do that?

It’s all about what people you surround yourself with. Find some people in your industry that already established themselves. And get in the group of authority people that can help you by talking about you to their clients and prospects.

Here are a few steps that will help you to position yourself as a celebrity:

1. Construct a celebrity image by the well created video.

2. Get endorsements.

3. In the videos convey things that are interesting to your niche market.  For example, if Frank promotes freedom, he is showing  himself in the Volkswagen Bus, he’s going to the beach, he’s playing blues etc….

4. Create rather videos than PDFs. Because it is like TV and you can symbolize a celebrity in the video. It might sound too much Hollywood but that’s working in your favor.

5. Make the videos look like movies.

6. Then, connect with people that are higher authority, and eventually you will meet the real celebrities that will make you a celebrity as well.

Just the thought that this can work can change the way you do things.

Hope this opened a new prospective.

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