Awesome Link Building Methods You Should Know

Ethical! Ethical! Fine! Ethical! Ok, here’s the thing about linking… Getting other links from other people is necessary for SEO and getting the search engines to send traffic, but how do you do it without actually making the search engines run away? Read futher to find out how.

1. Great Content Only

People keep saying this, great content rules. Write content that people want to read, which is the same stuff that people actually want to link to and people will read it and link to it. I mean it’s really what it gets back to other blogger’s will naturally link to it. They don’t just say, “ I wrote this link it to me. Alright really great stuff.” People will be like, “oh look someones writing really great stuff lets link to them.” I mean it really does work that way. Keep it fresh and publish consistently though.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency. That’s a big thing, ok? You gotta, you can’t just post once every three months, ok? Build relationships, ok? That just never goes away in business. Network, network, network. Ok. Reach out to other bloggers, other web site owners, even PR and news. OK, use contact, emails, forums, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and if you have to…get on the phone, ok? There are still people that like to get on the phone these days. You know, comment on other people’s stuff. Be useful, ok? Don’t just blah, blah, spam everybody but provide useful feedback, useful comments, engaging.

3. Write Guest Posts

Absolutely! And another one and this is a good one, write guest posts, blogs always need more content; online magazines always need more fresh content. So what do you do, you solve their problem. Offer to write fresh content for them and they’ll publish it and you should get the link back, you should get the link back, plus you’ll get exposure to their audience. Great one way.

4. Submit Your Articles To Directories

Directory links are a great way to help spread the word about your website or blog in a good way. The more directories that your site can be found on, the more that search engines will trust your site.

The best way to submit your site to a directory is to try and use a niche directory submission. Niche directories are those which are created with one specific topic in mind. Niche directories will only accept sites that they say are related to that particular niche, which is why Google places a lot more importance on backlinks that come from any sort of relevant site or sites anyways, so this will help you a lot when it comes to search engine rankings.

5. Use Social Media

Social media are all the rage these days and they are unstoppable. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, even MySpace… the list goes on and on. You can build some really important links just by having a placement on each of these social media sites.

Social media is great since they offer numerous ways to have people promote your content FOR you. People can retweet, “like”, “share”, “+1” and just plain old copy and paste a link to your website right on their social media accounts if they find the link that you have put on your very own social media site at all valuable or useful. If you have a blog, then you should try to have it on the very same domain as your company’s website. Social media is all about keeping it real and keeping it human, so having a blog, which is far more human than just a website advertising products, is a must-have.

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